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Wireless Acquisition

Recording System-

Atlas utilizes the state of the art RT System 2 from Wireless Seismic to conduct 2D and 3D surveys of up to 25 square miles.  The RT System 2 is currently the only wireless system on the market that operates with 100% real-time data return. This means we can confirm the quality and fidelity of your data the moment a shot is taken. The survey is never being shot 'blind' and there are never extra steps required between recording and transcribing the data. The RT 2 System offers all of the advantages of both a wireless system and a tradional cabled system.

Energy Sources-

Atlas offers both acclereated weight drop and dynamite sources. The accerlated weight drop unit is the AF450 from United Service Alliance. It is mid-mounted on an IHI IC50 crawler and can deliver over 20,000 lbs of hold down weight, resulting in up to 17,000 ft-lbs of energy.  By utilizing a pressure regulated nitrogen spring system, the AF450 can adjust it's energy output depending on the environment.  At the maximum force the AF450 is comparable to 20,000 lb enviro vibe.

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